Linking information with location.

We develop products and services designed to improve public government and people's lives within the cities.

Public administration

We help Public Governments to be fast, effective, precise and safe for a better world, built for citizens.

We are experts in urban planning, public works, e-government and public participation, toponymy, civil protection, cultural heritage, public transportation, topographic databases.

Utilities and telco

Real time knowledge on your network and assets. Collect on the field data. Manage your workforce.

Street lighting. Roads and transportation. Road maintenance. Utility networks. LIDAR. Harbor authorities. Land reclamation authorities.

Private companies

Add value to your decisions and your company operations leveraging geography

Location Intelligence. Data visualization. Architecture and engineering. Geomarketing. Data collection. Remote sensing.

Open data and smart communities

We encourage Open Data widespread adoption and high added-value services based upon them.

Open data. Open source. Software reuse. Interoperability. INSPIRE directive. Service oriented architectures.

Improve your decision-making process, service offering and get the most from your data using geography.

Giving information a spatial extension increase its effectiveness and permits the construction of a better decision making process, based on geo-databases built upon real data.

Location based data allows Public Government and Private Companies to play a strategic role in smart communities growth and to offer trustworthy and reliable services.

Knowing the right thing to do during an emergency is just a matter of planning and experience.

Build the risk map using geographic information. Be prepared to face any kind of event.
Manage people, resources and structures correctly.

Sirio helps you with volunteers management and citizen communication, bringing the operation center and the civil protection plan directly on the field.

Exploit precise and reliable field data in order to improve public and private transportation and citizen safety.

Road network management, public and private transport logistics, road pavement and signs maintenance is an hard job, requiring you to pay serious attention.

Strade helps you with effective road network supervision and management. Design the maintenance process and supervise on the field operations. Obtain updated information deploying mobile devices.