Massimo Rumor

Chief executive officer

Graduated in Computer Engineering (MS) in 1970 at University of Padua. He fulfils various ICT roles in the private sector. From 1980 to 1994 he has been the IT Manager of the City of Padua. Since 1994 he is a contract professor for the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padua, where he is involved in research activities. He works as consultant for local governments and private companies. He published many scientific papers. He is the Urban Data Management Society president.


Luca Giandoso

Chief production officer

Graduated in Computer Engineering (MS) in 2006 at University of Padua, since the early ages he dedicated to programming languages and frameworks for web application design and development, using open source tools.
He masters GIS’ architectural issues and he developed the common framework of 3DGIS products.


Eduard Roccatello

Chief technical officer

Graduated in Computer Engineering (MS) in 2008 at University of Padua. GIS, web and mobile expert. He developed Cityvu, the first web 3D visualiser for the CityGML format. Eduard works on system design and new technologies experimentation. He published copious scientific and technical papers on sectorial magazine. He is a core developer of the Xfce desktop environment.
Eduard likes cats, photography and electronics.