Carto »

Comprehensive cartographic visualisation and orchestration WebGIS, with geo-database support.

Do you have to publish maps, local strategic plan, cadastral maps or other kind of geo data? Do you have to keep track of geo-referenced items with temporal evolution? Would you use WMS and WFS standards in order to build cartographic integration between multiple sources? Carto could help you.

Luce »

Street lighting management with workforce management and on the field surveying support.

Do you have to survey and manage the street lighting network? Do you have to supervise maintenance workforce, to receive citizen advisory and to manage trouble ticketing? Would you love to have on the field data?

Strade »

Road cadastre and road signs management and maintenance.

Do you have to manage the road cadastre and all the events attached to the roads? Would you like to manage road signs in a fast and easy way, with workforce planning and maintenance? Would you like to have your data on the field using mobile apps?

Sirio »

Civil protection risk planning and emergency management, with operating center support.

Make your civil protection risk plan available online through a WebGIS. Plan your activity during emergency and supervise the operation directly from the operating center, while communicating with your men on the field and the citizens.

Cityvu »

Architectural projects and urban data 3D visualisation directly in your browser, without plug-ins.

Are you an architecture or engineering studio and would you like to show projects to customers directly on the web? Do you want to show LIDAR data and measure them? Would you love to promote tourism with the third dimension?

Partecipa »

Receive citizens' advisories and manage them correctly in an integrated process.

Do you want to make citizens talk to you directly? Are you a private business willing to offer a mobile ticketing service to your customers? Would you like an easy to integrate with your ERP / CRM solution?