Geographic Information Systems and GeoICT

Spatial Data Infrastructure design

We are experts on geospatial data delivery infrastructure. We can help you to design and develop your spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

Our solutions are modular, based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) approach and ready to deliver data using the European INSPIRE directive.

Geospatial empowering and system integration

Implementing a whole new system, designed for data exchange, is not always possible, due to high costs and potential critic issues. You also may want to enrich available data with spatial data, augmenting the information value of a sensible amount.

3DGIS solutions natively supports data and system integration, empowering third party systems with geospatiality.

Custom software development

We can help you to build you custom solution, with requirements analysis and initial design or customising and existent solution.

3DGIS delivers standard based solutions (OGC, ISO, W3C), built with open source tools and always on the edge of the technology, for the best results and efficiency.

Geospatial data acceptance test

We are geospatial data experts. We can help you to validate your data thought a testing process, both formal and qualitative, taking also care of geometrical and topological constraints.

We are used to work with these formats:  GDF, GML, SLD, SE, WKT, WKB, KML, CityGML and other standard data formats. We can also test your format with a custom procedure.

Enterprise web application and mobile development

Mobile development for Apple iOS and Google Android

Do you want to deliver your location based app? We can help you with design, development, testing and deployment of your app in the stores.

We can develop on Apple iOS, Google Android, Apache Cordova and also deliver you WebGL / OpenGL based solutions, with augmented reality and iBeacon indoor geo-localisation.

Mobile content management

Delivering complex data structures, both geospatial and alphanumerical, on mobile platforms is not an easy task.

Exploiting our content delivery infrastructure and mobile development knowledge, we can help you realise your content management platform for mobile data.

On the job training and class teaching

GeoICT education and research

3DGIS’ founders met in the university and the company keeps collaborating with the academic environment giving lectures and taking part to national and international research activities.

We are currently managing GIS courses and labs in the University of Padua and in the IUAV University of Venice.

Technical support and on the job training

We are experts in Javascript, Java, PHP and Objective C. We use Dojo toolkit, OpenLayers, Three.js, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Struts 2, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Laravel, CakePHP.

3DGIS can assist you with development support and on the job training.