Why we had developed a quality management system

Every company has to face many challenges in the path towards its mission accomplishment. To reach its aims, it has to develop protocols and processes, establishing rules and using software tools to harmonise the staff activities.

3DGIS has embraced the logic of a management system, establishing internal regulations and specific methodologies for objective accomplishment, ranging from the development of a new software to the take on responsibility of a user complaint. This allowed us not to overlook important details during the daily work routine.

We have developed ourselves a wide range of software tools thought to keep our management system efficient: everything is digital and the state of projects and operations is always known by anyone.

Analysis tools permit us to look in the past to find critical issues and to plan improvements in order to offer our customers even better services.

ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification

3DGIS has started certifying its quality management system in 2013.

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  • Objective

    Design, development and support of geographic information systems and of ICT and GeoICT solutions

  • Certification released by SGS Italia SpA on July 13 2013.